Rural Ministry

Rural church people

  • have deep roots going back generations
  • are new generations rediscovering rural New Zealand
  • know that work, land, the seasons, weather, world markets, animals and crops, are all part of God's world
  • have a long view of the ups and downs of life and are familiar with disappointment
  • know that city models of church life often do not work for them
  • are part of a highly rewarding ministry with many opportunities for leadership.

We are people who understand a church to be viable if it has a mission in its community and a group of people ready and active for that mission.

Since the 1980’s rural people in New Zealand and Australia have been linking ecumenically to support, encourage, and resource one another. Since 1998 this network has been international, through the International Rural Churches Association (IRCA). Find us on Facebook

Visit for information on conferences and other ways of connecting - a ZOOM 24 hours around the world event happened in March 2022 (Covid wasn't going to stop us connecting!).  The IRCA website also provides an archive of newsletters and links to resources for rural churches. 
Participation in Rural Conferences in Australia and New Zealand, and around the world, has strengthened churches' understanding and commitment to the special role of the rural church in the rural community.  


Subscribe to the International Rural Churches Association newsletter, which is published a few times each year or read the latest IRCA newsletters.

Also, an archive of New Zealand Rural Ministry newsletters can be found at the Rural Network News.

News to share

If you have news to share, stories to tell about your local rural church and community, or opinion pieces on issues, get in touch with: 

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