Press Go

Resourcing and equipping innovative mission

PressGo resources and equips innovative mission across the Presbyterian Church. It was established by General Assembly 2008 and works alongside presbyteries in supporting new mission initiatives.

Since 2008, PressGo has supported 77 projects and invested a total of $3.5 million. Our role has been facilitative, providing funding to initiatives that meet criteria around mission and innovation, are well thought out, have sound governance and oversight, a high level of ownership and are ultimately sustainable or replicable. 

In doing so, PressGo has entered a range of relationships with partner congregations and presbyteries, including various financial relationships (grants, loans, fundraising assistance, facilitating other partnerships etc). Read more about our work

The PressGo Catalyst, board members and others make themselves available to help build capacity, coach and support presbyteries and congregations pursuing mission initiatives. PressGo is about the Church together sharing in God's mission, impacting the nation with the good news. There are three strands to our work:

Inspiring Mission

Inspiring mission is about events, activities and resources that share "best practice" and inspiring stories of ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary things for God's kingdom. We offer regular "learning parties" to equip missional leaders and help the wider church to develop a missional imagination and openness to the leading of God's Spirit.  

Building Capacity

The PressGo Catalyst and members of the PressGo board are available to meet with church councils, sessions and presbyteries to facilitate planning that considers the missional context, mission objectives, financial position, challenges and imperatives, options and choices. 
Based on this planning, we may be able to provide access to other specific skills – for instance legal, resource consent, fundraising, financial management – as required and agreed. The intention is that the church or presbytery is empowered and more effective in making decisions which enable it to engage more fully in mission. Developing a Mission Action Plan helps the church or presbytery and PressGo understand what other assistance is required.  

Seed Funding

PressGo administers funds on behalf of the Church to support mission innovation initiatives. Where available, we partner with presbyteries who administer their own mission funds. Go to the grants page to find out more about applying for funds administered by PressGo. Guidance on stewardship, operational giving and capital fundraising is available to support this. 


The first point of contact for PressGo is the PressGo Catalyst, Lisa Wells. Contact Lisa by email, or phone 027 4455 723.