Caring for creation

General Assembly decisions

General Assembly 2018 made a decision about responsible stewardship of God's creation.

Assembly decided to commit to reducing our impact on the environment, acknowledging the important role we as Christians play in being stewards of God’s creation. Further, Assembly endorsed a list of achievable and measurable actions aimed at reducing our collective impact on the environment.

Assembly agreed that the list of actions be sent to every congregation, church schools, and social service agencies with a connection to the Church to report on their progress of implementation. The report to Assembly, including list of actions, can be read here.

General Assembly 2016 adopted the “We Say Yes” statement, which includes reference to the Church's beliefs about caring for creation:

 We say yes to a sustainable and zero carbon economy: we say no to policies and practices that contribute to unsustainable growth such as dependence on fossil fuels and excessive lifestyles. Therefore we advocate movement towards clean and sustainable energy and action to limit destructive human impacts on the environment.

General Assembly 2014 made a decision that the Presbyterian Church was to consider divestment of fossil fuels.

General Assembly agreed to request that the Church’s Property Trustees, who manage the major funds of the Church, divest from fossil fuel investments. The General Assembly also encouraged all congregations and members of the Church to seriously consider the same action in relation to their own investments. The Church declared investment in the fossil fuel industry to be unethical, socially irresponsible and contrary to the Church’s mission of “caring for creation”. Read more.

General Assembly 2008 accepted a declaration on the climate and environment prepared by the Church's Ecological Task Group. Read more

Spanz stories

Spanz includes stories that demonstrate the many ways Presbyterian churches throughout New Zealand are responding to complex environmental challenges.


Caring for Creation: A Presbyterian Church study guide for congregations

Caring for Creation examines how as stewards of Creation we can recognise what environmental issues we face; what impact these have – globally, nationally, locally and personally; and what action can we take both individually and as a congregation.

Other reports and materials for study can be found here.