There are a wide variety of resources available within the Presbyterian Church and other organisations to support parishes and individuals to consider and take action on protecting our environment.

Presbyterian Church resources

Other resources

Check out these resources about living sustainably, care for creation and climate change available from Presbyterian church leaders, non-government, non-profit and other organisations.

Eco Church New Zealand

Special Assembly 2022 supported the proposal that the PCANZ become a denominational partner of Eco Church NZ and that individual presbyteries and parishes be encouraged to join Eco Church. Eco Church New Zealand  is churches across Aotearoa New Zealand actively caring for God’s earth as an integral part of their mission.  A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand established the Eco Church NZ Project in 2020 as an ecumenical initiative to support church communities to actively care for God’s earth as an integral part of their mission. 

Special Assembly also passed a motion that all ministry units within the Presbyterian Church undertake the A Rocha Eco Church survey and choose one action point from each suggested area to complete over the coming year. The suggested areas are: worship and teaching, church buildings, church land, community engagement and sustainable living. 

Eco Church Training & Events


Eco Church Speakers | Ngā Kaikōrero

Theologians. Activists. Motivators. Doers. Eco Church has great speakers, including Presbyterians, who can help inspire you and your church on your Eco Church journey. If you’re looking for speakers for an event, browse through their list of speakers and get in touch with them here.

Season of Creation 1 September - 4 October

See resources for the Season of Creation including the downloadable Celebration Guide. The 2024 theme is, “To hope and act with Creation”. Season of Creation is the annual ecumenical celebration of prayer and action for our common home. It begins on 1 September, World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, and ends on 4 October, the feast of St Francis of Assisi - the World Council of Churches was instrumental in extending the celebration from 1 September until 4 October. See more here. Season of Creation is supported by an Ecumenical Steering Committee that includes the World Council of Churches,  World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Network, the World Communion of Reformed Churches, ACT Alliance, A Rocha International, and World Methodist Council.

The Religious Diversity Centre Aotearoa New Zealand webinar series 2023 – Building a Climate of Hope

Watch recordings of all four webinars of the series "E ti te mana O te ao –Building a Climate of Hope". They were recorded June - July 2023. Keynote speaker are: Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Rt Hon Helen Clark, Rabbi Dean Shapiro, and Mary Moeano-Kolio. Watch the videos here.

A Rocha Aotearoa

A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand, is part of the A Rocha family of Christian environmental conservation organizations which currently operates in 20 countries around the world. They focus on environmental science and research, practical nature conservation, environmental education, creation care and advocacy through a variety of programmes and initiatives. Learn more

Presbyterian church leader resource 2020

"Life, the Universe and God" a six-part care for creation study by the Rev Silvia Purdie

2019 Church of Ireland: resources from Tearfund & Christian Aid - Caring for Creation Resource Pack for Christian Youth

"Young people around the world are calling for change. This pack will help Christian youth leaders and groups to understand the climate and biodiversity emergencies and how we can rise to the challenge to ‘Care for Creation’." Download the pack here.

NZ Climate Action Network

NZCAN is a growing network of 22 New Zealand civil society groups, non-governmental organisations and social movements who support each other and our allies to take real action to protect New Zealanders and others from climate change, to protect New Zealand's unique environment, and build a more fair, just and safe New Zealand. Visit NZ Climate Action Network website

Sustainability Council of New Zealand

The Council provides information to assist well-informed and effective community participation in decision-making on issues related to sustainability, with the primary goal of assisting the realisation of a sustainable New Zealand. Learn more

Interchurch Bioethics Council

The ICBC - Interchurch Bioethics Council (formerly the Interchurch Commission on Genetic Engineering) was set up in 2000 by the Presbyterian, Anglican and Methodist churches. The group has resources on climate change, GM organisms, transgenics and biotechnology.

Ecological Restoration Network

A website dedicated to hundreds of local NZ communities involved in ecological restoration in New Zealand. It contains news, events, opportunities for volunteering, information about native species and ecosystems, weeds and pests. For practical tools to help restoration projects and native plant nurseries.

Environmental defence society

A not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation, comprised of resource management professionals committed to improving environmental outcomes. Has had a long and largely successful history of litigating environmentally significant cases. Is involved in providing support for those undertaking research and policy analysis on environmental issues. View their website for further information.

New Zealand Ecological Society (Inc)

Formed in 1951 to promote the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge. The society attempts to encourage ecological research, increased awareness and understanding of ecological principles, promote sound ecological planning and management of the natural and human environment. View their website for further information.

Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand

An independent, not-for-profit global organisation that focuses on threats to NZ’s and the Earth’s biodiversity and environment. Aims to champion environmentally responsible and socially just solutions and promote debate about society's environmental choices. View their website for further information.

WWF New Zealand

New Zealand branch of the WWF promotes conservation in New Zealand and promotes positive action to reduce the impacts of climate change. Aims to educate about the importance of managing our precious environment more sustainably. Resources communities in important backyard conservation. View the WWF website for further information.


Recovery is a  trust formed to promote and facilitate the collection, storage and disposal of all ozone depleting substances during the phasing out period. The Trust consults with environmental groups and reports to government. Will dispose of unwanted chlorofluorocarbons (old refrigeration and air conditioning). View their website for further information.


Govt website for New Zealanders taking up the sustainability challenge. Steps such as switching to eco bulbs, walking to work, and installing insulation can save money, improve fitness and protect our environment. Download free booklet ‘25 easy steps towards sustainability’ and creating your own plan here.


This provides the Plan of Action for NZ's climate change solutions: sustainable land management and climate change.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, provides access to the most up-to-date and authoritative global assessment of climate change and why and how we can respond. View the website.

The National Climate Centre

The National Climate Centre (NCC) provides regular public information on current climate conditions across New Zealand including soil moisture and river flows, and outlooks for coming seasons. NCC website

Sustainable Action Overview

The Futures Committee of Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends) has created a comprehensive compilation of religious and secular organisations active in sustainability throughout New Zealand. The resource contains contact details and a general overview of the organisations. Download the Sustainability Action Overview.