Moderator and other religious leaders present climate change statement to NZ Government

On Tuesday 19 October 2021, PCANZ Moderator Right Rev Hamish Galloway joined with other religious leaders in presenting a climate change statement, “A Statement to the Government on the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement for COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021 from Religious Leaders and Interfaith Groups of Aotearoa New Zealand” to the Hon. James Shaw, Minister of Climate Change.

The Religious Diversity Centre Aotearoa New Zealand (RDC) brought together leaders of religions across New Zealand to help develop the statement on issues of climate change.

“As people of faith seeking to respond to this challenge we draw comfort and insight from the rich traditions and teachings of the many religious communities now present in Aotearoa New Zealand. From each we see powerful invocations for all to care deeply for the natural world alongside caring for all of humanity. Many of the world's religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Baha’i have urged the need for environmental protection and conservation. Key to religious teaching is the understanding that sustainable and harmonious relationships between all of humanity and nature is not merely an abstract ideal but rather a comprehensive guide for living justly and walking gently upon the earth.

We are mindful also that our religious traditions have much in common with understandings central to Te Ao Māori. We acknowledge respectfully that through the teachings of traditional karakia the natural world is understood to be of sacred importance; that through the invocation of whakapapa comes the understanding that everything and everyone within Te Ao Whānui is interconnected and that through the shared responsibility of kaitiakitanga we accept that it is the duty of all humankind to care for the oceans and the earth and all who dwell therein….”

Read the full statement.