Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) Asia Sunday 12 May 2024 focused on Myanmar

Asia Sunday 2024 on the theme: ‘Myanmar: God of Hope, Fill Us With Joy and Peace’

Download a special Asia Sunday 2024 order of worship:

Asia Sunday is annually observed on the Sunday before Pentecost, which in 2024 falls on 12 May.

In the context of the worsening human rights situation and ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) decided this year's Asia Sunday to be focused on Myanmar.

Since the military coup in 2021, Myanmar has endured three tumultuous years of brutality, repression, and suffering inflicted by the military regime.

The atrocities committed by the Myanmar military against its own people are staggering, ranging from mass killings and arbitrary arrests to torture and sexual violence. Ethnic minority populations, including those in Kachin, Karen, Karenni, and Shan states, have borne the brunt of these crimes against humanity.

Despite international outcry and calls for accountability, the military junta has continued to defy justice, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

A special order of worship for Asia Sunday on ‘Myanmar: God of Hope, Fill Us with Joy and Peace’ has been developed.

In the CCA General Secretary’s Introduction to the order of worship, Dr Mathews George Chunakara stated, “As we pray to the Lord Almighty in line with our theme for this year’s Asia Sunday: ‘Myanmar: God of Hope, Fill Us with Joy and Peace’ (Romans 15:13), we are reminded that God is the source of our hope; in a world filled with hopelessness and despair, God is both the source and the sustainer of our hope.”

“May the observance of Asia Sunday–2024 be a moment for us to refocus international attention and resources towards preventing atrocities, and ending the conflict in Myanmar. As churches in Asia, let us extend all forms of assistance and support to our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, and let our collective prayers be a source of strength and hope amidst the darkness…Let our solidarity with the people of Myanmar be a tangible expression of God’s love and compassion amid darkness and despair,” said  General Secretary Dr Mathews George Chunakara.

The CCA encourages all member churches and councils as well as ecumenical partners to observe  the Asia Sunday -2024 on 12 May, with focus on Myanmar.