PCANZ White Ribbon

New PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador announced 2022

Very Rev Ray Coster is retiring from his role as White Ribbon NZ Ambassador and we will soon announce who our new PCANZ White Ribbon NZ Ambassador is.

PCANZ White Ribbon 2021

  • Message from White Ribbon NZ Ambassador, Very Rev Ray Coster
  • Free White Ribbon Prayer Candle for PCANZ Parishes - order now!
  • White Ribbon 2021 Worship Resources
  • Presbyterian Support NZ White Ribbon 2021 Resources & Webinar

Message from White Ribbon NZ Ambassador, Very Rev Ray Coster

Greetings, I write to share with you this year's theme for White Ribbon Day 25 November, 'Shine a Light on Violence Prevention', and to offer resources. Resources include a free beeswax candle for parishes so you can join with Moderator Rt Rev Hamish Galloway and me to shine a light through prayer.... To the victims of such violence, can I suggest that there is the hope of the One Who Sees: “Even the darkness will not be dark to you, … for darkness is as light to you.” Psalm 139: 12 ... As people who walk with God, our task in the Church is to give hope by shining a light, not only on the problem of domestic violence, but even more so on the hope of prevention and the things that work to prevent violence.... Download the full 2021 White Ribbon message from Ray.

Shine a Light - Free White Ribbon Prayer Candles for Parishes

If your parish would like a free beeswax PCANZ White Ribbon prayer candle, please email your name and PCANZ parish name before 25 November 2021. Candles and these will be sent to PCANZ parishes on a first-in basis.

White Ribbon 2021 Worship Resources

Very Rev Ray Coster has prepared White Ribbon 2021 worship resources for parishes, please download these:

PCANZ Moderator Right Rev Hamish Galloway leads us in a White Ribbon prayer, written by White Ribbon NZ Ambassador Very Rev Ray Coster, and encourages us to light a candle to shine a light in the darkness. To order a free beeswax candle, see above.

Presbyterian Support NZ White Ribbon 2021 resources & webinar

Presbyterian Support NZ, through its Presbyterian Support Northern Shine (specialist domestic violence service) offers a White Ribbon Day introductory family violence webinar titled ‘Shine a Light on Family Violence Prevention’. Learn about the complexity of domestic violence, issues such as coercive control and entrapment and more. Thursday 25 Nov 4:45 pm – 5:30 pm. RSVP by Thurs 11 Nov here. See PSN White Ribbon resources.

See further resources on the White Ribbon NZ website.

White Ribbon NZ have a number of videos that you can share, see all videos here. New videos include "Stories of Change" for this year's Shine a Light campaign.

See the 2021 PCANZ White Ribbon Campaign Page.

PCANZ White Ribbon Archive

Nov 2020: Challenge the Outdated was the White Ribbon 2020 theme. Very Rev Ray Coster White Ribbon Ambassador encouraged men to speak about messages around masculinity they received growing up that they later found unhelpful for building healthy relationships. Ray says that change begins by focusing on the attitudes which enable men to think that violence is ok, or that it is ‘masculine’ to exercise power or control over another person. Watch video of Ray interviewing four male Presbyterian Church ministers on the theme to share with the Church and read his White Ribbon message to the Church.

See the 2020 PCANZ White Ribbon Campaign page.

Nov 2019: Challenge the Unspoken Rules was the White Ribbon 2019 theme. Very Rev Ray Coster White Ribbon Ambassador encouraged people to stand-up and speak out against unhelpful stereotypes like “Be the Man”, “Toughen Up” and “Boys don’t Cry”. He asked us to challenge the unspoken rules that exist silently in the background and reinforce outdated ideas of what a man is, how he acts, and how he should express himself. Read Ray’s White Ribbon message. Ray suggested people could take the White Ribbon Pledgebecome a White Ribbon accredited workplacetalk about respectful relationships with young men and women in your family and church, host an event, or consider making contact with your local Presbyterian Support or Family Works office and doing a joint activity.

See the 2019 PCANZ White Ribbon Campaign page.

Nov 2018: Very Rev Ray Coster White Ribbon Ambassador encouraged Church men to take the White Ribbon pledge - Yes to respect - No to violence: “I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence towards women”. Read his message to the Church.

See the 2018 PCANZ White Ribbon Campaign page.

Autumn 2017: In the Autumn 2017 Spanz magazine we celebrated the appointment of the Very Rev Ray Coster as a White Ribbon Ambassador and encouraged churches to get involved in White Ribbon. Read the article (pg.10).

Nov GA2016: At General Assembly 2016 in Dunedin, churches took part in events aimed at educating about how to prevent and stop violence against women. Moderator Rt Rev Richard Dawson and Presbyterian Support Otago encouraged Commissioners and delegates to participate in White Ribbon events. The Assembly the Church endorsed the Justice in Action: We Say Yes statement produced with Presbyterian Support NZ: "We say yes to safe and loving families. We say no to family violence. Therefore we support White Ribbon and Neighbours Day and conversations in our communities that break the silence on family violence." Read more about the We Say Yes statement.

Nov 2016: Church leader appointed White Ribbon Ambassador, calls on churches to support campaign. Very Rev Ray Coster is appointed as the PCANZ and White Ribbon NZ Ambassador. Ray speaks at Church and public gatherings to raise awareness about family violence, and to equip and resource change in our communities.

Oct 2015: Moderator Rt Rev Andrew Norton encouraged the Church to read the Church’s submission on strengthening New Zealand’s legislative response to family violence. "White Ribbon Day, which aims to end men’s violence toward women, is also coming up on 22 November. Keep an eye on the Church’s website for how to get involved, and resources can be ordered from the White Ribbon shop. For more info about family violence see Justice and Action, a joint resource between our Church and Presbyterian Support."

Sept 2015: Read here the PCANZ's Ministry of Justice submission on family violence - Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Submission (2015): Strengthening New Zealand Legislative Response to Family Violence