Applying for funding

Financial resources administered by General Assembly are a small portion of the total resources available within the Church – congregations and presbyteries also hold significant resources that can be deployed for mission,

Some of the key sources of funding administered by General Assembly and others in the Presbyterian family, and how to apply, are noted here.

Presbyterian Foundation 

Established by the 1996 General Assembly, the Presbyterian Foundation is a trust fund, administered by PressGo, to which bequests and donations may be added, and from which interest is distributed for purposes as defined by the 1998 General Assembly.

Parishes and presbyteries may apply for grants up to $10,000 for projects focussed on innovative people-to-people mission opportunities conceived at a local and regional level. More information

Mission Enterprise Fund

The 2014 General Assembly decided that 10 percent of the net sale of property proceeds, where exclusions do not apply, are released to the Mission Enterprise Fund (MEF) for the purpose of funding mission initiatives. Parishes may also opt to add a small percentage of the interest on their funds held in the Presbyterian Investment Fund into this fund if they wish.

The Mission Enterprise Fund is overseen and administered by the PressGo board. 

From 1 November 2020, presbyteries may apply to PressGo for a top-up grant from the MEF for parish initiatives that have already received a Presbytery Mission Fund grant. As of this date, the Mission Enterprise Fund no longer accepts applications directly from parishes – all funding applications must come via, and in consultation with, the relevant presbytery.

Presbyteries that do not have a Mission Fund established may also make an application on behalf of the parish. More information.

Aroha grant

The Mission Enterprise Fund (MEF) includes 20% that is reserved for Aroha projects which support ministry and mission among vulnerable and socially disadvantaged communities. 

Applications for a grant from the Aroha portion of the MEF need to be endorsed by Te Aka Puaho, your local Presbyterian Support organisation and, in some cases, your presbytery. 

Please make contact with PressGo at an early stage to discuss your initiative or project and make sure it fits the criteria for Aroha funding. It may be better to apply to one of the other two funds PressGo administers. More information.

Capital Funds from property sale 

Subject to approval from the Church Property Trustees, parishes from the Church Property Trustees catchment can typically access capital funds for mission projects. It should be noted that any use of capital funds requires approval of the church council, congregation, presbytery and Church Property Trustees. See section 7 of the Property Handbook for further details about criteria and how to apply.

Partner churches

Uniting parishes have multiple denominational partners, and within each partner church, there are typically funds that can be accessed for mission. The primary sources of funds for parishes that include a Presbyterian partner are noted on this page, and parishes are advised to contact other denominational partners directly to determine what resources may be available from these sources.

Presbyterian Development Society

Formerly known as PSDS, Presbyterian Development provides significant support to the Presbyterian Church by way of grants. Over the years, PDS has been able to give many hundreds of thousands of dollars via hundreds of small and medium sized grants, to support local ministers and churches as well as regional and national ministries. Learn more about applying for a Presbyterian Development Society grant

The Tindall Foundation

PSNZ is a Local Donation Manager (LDM) for The Tindall Foundation, a private philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Faith-based LDM means PSNZ distribute donations on behalf of The Tindall Foundation to initiatives in our community that support The Tindall Foundation’s family/whānau focus area. As a Faith-based Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, Presbyterian Support NZ invites applications annually in May from Presbyterian churches, Co-operating Ventures, presbyteries, Presbyterian Support regional organisations and Trusts associated with the Presbyterian family. Applications usually close in mid to late June. See more here.

PYM recommended funding sources for youth ministry

The PCANZ Presbyterian Youth Ministry has on its website a round up of youth funding streams and grants that support youth ministry in New Zealand. They also have 'top ten tips for applying for funding'. See more here.

External funding sources

Funds are also available from sources outside the Church. Learn more