Property & Property Handbook

Property Handbook

The Property Handbook is a comprehensive guide for parishes and presbyteries when dealing with properties. It describes the procedures to be followed when considering property development and transactions. The handbook provides information on a variety of property matters including:

  • Sale and purchase of property
  • Renovations, alterations, extensions and new buildings
  • Borrowing by parishes
  • Leasing property
  • Subdividing land
  • Use of capital funds
  • Gifting property
  • Gifting or lending congregational funds
  • Dealing with property when a congregation is dissolved
  • Heritage listings, local authority controls and other constraints on property use
  • Property insurance
  • Property maintenance
  • Earthquake-prone buildings and health and safety responsibilities
  • duties and responsibilities of decision makers

Download The Property Handbook (2022 Edition) To view and/or print just the section you require, click on the section page number on the contents page. Please note that the Property Handbook is regularly reviewed and updated. Please ensure you always use the current version. 

Using the Property Handbook


O le Tusi o Fa’amaumauga o Meatotino a le Ekalesia

Ko e Tohi Ma e Tau Koloa

부동산 핸드북

Te Pukapuka e whakaatu ana i ngā whare, whenua me ngā taonga o Te Haahi

Tuhi o nā Meatōtino

Te Tuanga Buka Rimarima

Understanding the Church's Property Portfolio

The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees have completed a comprehensive analysis of the Church's property portfolio to inform the strategic thinking around the Church’s property assets. It is accompanied by a paper listing the key issues around our property holdings from a strategic mission perspective, which is available from the Trustees on request.

Download Understanding the Church's Property Portfolio

The Church Property Trustees have prepared a paper that gives a statistical overview of parish life, as of 2017.

Alpine Presbytery 2017 Snapshot

Kaimai Presbytery 2017 Snapshot

Northern Presbytery 2017 Snapshot 

Northern Presbytery 2015 Snapshot

Central Presbytery 2016 Snapshot

Property maintenance guidelines

The following guidelines and checklist will help you manage your congregation’s property maintenance.

Download the Church Property Maintenance Guidelines

Earthquake prone buildings policy

To assist church councils and presbyteries, a Church-wide policy for the assessment and management of earthquake prone buildings is available. The policy was updated in November 2022. Download the earthquake-prone church buildings policy

A guide for building owners "Assessment and Retrofit of Earthquake Prone Buildings" produced by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc may also be useful. 

Property insurance

Crombie Lockwood (NZ) was selected as the Church’s insurance broker in May 2013. Information about insurance cover and how to make claims can be obtained directly from Crombie Lockwood. Read more

Information about parish's obligations in relation to property insurance is available here.

Church Property Trustees' area

Properties belonging to the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand are vested in two separate Trusts. The Waitaki River (North Otago) is the geographical boundary for the two Trusts. Property north of the Waitaki River is vested in The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees. Property south of the Waitaki River is vested in the Otago Foundation Trust Board.

Parishes south of the Waitaki River should contact the Synod of Otago and Southland regarding property matters.