Justice & Action

About the resource

In 2015, the Justice & Action study booklet was produced by PresCare – the partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Presbyterian Support – to help equip congregations to take action on family violence and child poverty. It was updated in 2016.

Social transformation is the theme of the resource.

The booklet came from the research commissioned by then-Moderator, the Rt Rev Andrew Norton, to enable the Church to speak out and have a voice on the issues of child poverty and family violence. Says Andrew: “I made a commitment to myself that I would not speak out on such issues unless churches up and down the country were equipped to roll up their sleeves and take action in their own neighbourhoods”.

All congregations were sent printed copies of the Justice & Action booklet. For further copies please download and print-off from the Church website.

About social transformation

Social transformation is the kind of change that affects the whole of society. It is change that influences everything from people's beliefs, attitudes and behaviour to their relationships with one another.

The Church is called to participate in transformation for the the good of individuals, communities and societies as a whole. The process of transformation is a long one, requiring long-term commitment, so courage and perseverance are important. Change starts with individuals choosing to do things differently; it starts with connection and engagement to develop understanding, and builds toward taking action.

The social transformation study examines the nature of change; it encourages us to take a look at ourselves as we seek to become effective change agents, and looks at some of the common obstacles to change, as well as offering some tools to help in the process of bringing about change.

Using the resource

Justice & Action examines the complex causes and impacts of child poverty and family violence and considers the unique role of the Church in bringing about change.

You may wish to use this booklet in small group discussions, as a sermon resource, extracts for the bulletin or pew sheet, or in workshops, seminars and intentional conversations.

Download resource

Click on this link to download the Justice & Action resource.

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