Police checks

NZ Police have updated police vetting form and amended the process.

These changes have been requested by the Police and it is their hope that they will ensure a faster turn-around time for processing Police checks.  

Individuals undergoing a Police check will need to supply a copy of their passport or drivers licence to their Session Clerk along with their Police check Consent Form.

Any applications received using old forms or incomplete applications (such as no Application Form or identification documents) will be automatically returned as the Assembly Office will not be able to process the application.

To ensure you are using the correct Consent Form and Application Form, you are advised to print off copies of the forms on our website each time you request Police checks.

Anyone who is paid to work with children, youth and families must undergo a police check prior to their appointment.  The Presbyterian Church also strongly encourages police checks for volunteers working with vulnerable people.

The mandate for this comes from the minutes of General Assembly 2006 section 06.047 h 

The Police Vetting Service will only process Consent Forms that are signed within the last three months.

Before you send a consent form to us, please check

  • The Date and Place of Birth have been entered.
  • The person is over 17 years of age.
  • The form has been signed within 3 months.
  • That you are using the new form with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Code (NZ PVS-CS-3/18) on it.

For more information, please contact Margaret Fawcett

Application Form

Request & Consent Form