Section 2: The Police Check Process

  1. Make sure that you are familiar with all the details of the requirements so that the process works smoothly.
  2. The person designated to manage the police check process on behalf of the congregation or presbytery should complete an application form. This would normally be the Session or Parish Clerk, Child Protection Officer or minister in the case of a parish, or the presbytery clerk in the case of a presbytery. The Presbyterian Church application form can be used for more than one police check request.
  3. Ask the prospective lay worker(s) to complete a consent form. This must be filled in by hand and signed by the person concerned. You should use one consent form per person. The original must be forwarded to the Assembly Office for passing on to the New Zealand Police Vetting Service. Copies, or incomplete forms will not be processed. Consent forms can be downloaded here
  4. Fill in a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of the completed police check. NB: Results are only returned to the applicant not the person being vetted.
  5. Mail to: Assembly Office, PCR PO Box 9049 Wellington, 6141
    1. the Presbyterian application form
    2. the consent form(s)
    3. the stamped, self-addressed envelope
  6. The Vetting Service requires up to 65 days to process requests for police checks. Please allow 65 days to elapse from the date you mailed the police check request to the Assembly Office. You may get a response more quickly but allow the full time quota in your planning.
  7. If you have not had a response after 65 days you can contact Kate Wilson from Assembly Office to enquire as to progress. Do not contact the NZ Police or Vetting Service directly as they have asked that all communication between the police and the Presbyterian Church be through the Assembly Office.
  8. In order to meet the obligations of the Privacy Act and to safeguard the integrity of the process police check information will be dealt with by mail, not e-mail or fax. E-mail and fax may be used for general enquiries about process, but not for specific information about people.
  9. Applications for police checks will be sent, once a week, to the New Zealand Police Vetting Service. If you require police checks for volunteers, please arrange to do all the checks in one batch.
  10. For further information, contact Kate Wilson from Assembly Office.