Church Property Trustees

The Church Property Trustees have custodial responsibility for many of the Church’s assets.

Properties belonging to the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand are vested in two separate trusts. The Waitaki River (North Otago) is the geographical boundary for the two trusts. Property north of the Waitaki River is vested in The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees. 

All property is held on behalf of parishes in this area in the name of the Church Property Trustees. As well as their property responsibilities, the Trustees manage the major funds of the Church - in particular the Presbyterian Investment Fund and the ministers' Beneficiary Fund. They are also responsible for overseeing a variety of trusts on behalf of the Church including two large farms.

The Trustees

The Trustees are appointed and report to the General Assembly. The Trustees’ responsibilities are defined by a private act of parliament called the Presbyterian Church Property Act 1885 and also trust law. All monies are held in trust and managed in such a way to serve the interests of the Church.

Who are the Trustees?

Trustees' Annual Report 

View the Annual Report and Operational Accounts for the year ending 30 June 2023. Reports and accounts from prior years are available on request.

Contact us

You can contact the Trustees by phone 04 381 8296, email or post PO Box 9049, Wellington 6141. [Note: from 21 May 2024 our new physical address for The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees will be: Level 4, Orbit House, 94 Dixon St, Wellington 6011. All other contact details remain the same including our PO Box.]

Or contact the team directly:

Russell Garrett, Executive Officer, Church Property Trustees - phone 022 548 4903, or email

John White, Property and Administration Manager - phone 027 3616 773, email

Tracy Setters, Office Manager - phone 027 386 5708, email