Presbyterian Investment Fund (PIF)


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PIF interest rate

The interest rate paid on Presbyterian Investment Fund deposits is currently 2.50% p.a. The Trustees review the interest rate each month (except December), and interest is credited quarterly. For further information about the PIF, contact either the Executive Officer, Russell Garrett or John White, Property and Administration Manager.

About the Presbyterian Investment Fund

The Presbyterian Investment Fund (previously known as the Amalgamated Investment Fund) is a consolidated cash fund of approximately $175 million offering high security and good interest rates with deposits available on call. The Fund is open to all parishes. Most of the deposits come from the more than 300 parishes who have funds not immediately required for operational activities. Other contributions come from parish capital funds, General Assembly funds and trust funds. Deposits cannot be accepted from individuals or non-Presbyterian entities.

Transactions are straightforward. Interest is credited quarterly and Parish Treasurers can view and download statements using their personal login access.

Financial statements

Download or view the latest Presbyterian Investment Fund report and financial statements. The annual newsletter is also available. Copies of older financial statements and newsletters are available on request from the Church Property Trustees.

PIF Financial Statements to 30 June 2019

Annual PIF newsletter (2019)