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Social issues resources

These studies produced by the Church can be used in group or Bible study groups to help you reflect prayerfully on some of the key issues facing our communities. To order free printed copies of the booklets for your church, contact us.

Justice & Action

PresCare, the partnership between the Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Support, has published a group study booklet to resource congregations and individuals to take action on child poverty and family violence in our communities.

Read more or download the Justice & Action resource.

Sexual Ethics

Evolving community thinking on everything from pre-marital living arrangements to what constitutes marriage means that there is a widening gap between Church and society on sexual ethics matters that warrants further examination.

Understanding how we engage with these differences helps us connect in mission with our communities where the values and practices of the people we are called to minister to, are often different from our own. How are we to remain relevant without jettisoning Scripture? What makes marriage, a marriage? How do we respond to the fact that living together without getting married is the new “normal” for many New Zealand couples? While lifelong, faithful marriage is the ideal, divorce happens often. How do we engage with this reality?

This booklet examines these questions and more in the context of the Bible (study one), history (study two) and today’s world (study three). These studies provide the opportunity for readers to return to the Bible and think more deeply about how they have engaged with questions around sexual ethics to date.

This is the twelfth in a series of group study booklets produced by the Church to encourage congregations to reflect about contemporary issues that are impacting our communities. Download Sexual Ethics Study Guide

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in the Church and in New Zealand

Social Issues Study Guide Survey Oct/Nov 2009

In October and November 2009 a total of 93 parishes, almost one quarter of all Presbyterian and Uniting parishes, took part in the "Social Issues Study Guides Survey". Parishes were asked if the study guide resource booklets were being used by congregations and if so how are they were being used. More than half of the parishes surveyed said that the study guides are being used by their congregations. View the summary of the survey results.

Moderator's Study: Being Christ-Centred and community-facing

Us in the news

Read on for tips on how to write a media release for your local newspaper or radio station to get them to cover your story.

You can also read some of our media releases.

Make yourself heard

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Make a submission to the local or regional authority on proposed by-laws or developments
  • Make a submission on proposed legislation (check out for a summary of issues the Government is currently consulting on.)
  • Raise the issue at your parish council, church board and mobilise your parish to get involved in some way
  • Visit community leaders
  • Organise a petition
  • Facilitate a workshop or other educational event
  • Lobby your Mayor, MP or other government officials
  • Organise a street march or picket
  • Obtain publicity in your local newspaper/radio station

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