What is the Church?

The church is made up of the people who find life and hope in Jesus Christ. They find meaning in the story of Jesus - his birth and life, his teaching and healing, his suffering, death and resurrection. Because their experience of Jesus Christ has shaped their lives, they want to offer that experience to others. The church lives to share with people the life that can be lived when they choose to enjoy God and to invite them to share the satisfaction to be found following the way of Jesus. The church believes it can make a difference for the sake of the world. That's what ecumenism means, working together to reinvigorate the world. The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand makes its distinctive contribution to society, and to its own members, through the life and activity of its parishes.

Providing community

The church isn't buildings, it's people. It's an organism that grows and changes. It's moulded by the people who share in its life and recognise it as their community. That's why no two Presbyterian churches are the same. But they do have things in common that make them part of the same family. Things like the importance they give to the Bible and the way they share leadership. Presbyterian churches are places where people can experience a spirituality that nurtures them, sustains them, and excites them.

Engaging in mission

Presbyterians are mission-focused people. They're interested in making a difference in society.

The Church has over 400 congregations with mission programmes that link them to the life of their communities:

  • Programmes for young children and their parents
  • Youth programmes
  • Cultural groups and activities
  • Alpha programmes to introduce people to the church
  • Holiday programmes for children and young people.

The Presbyterian Church is also active in mission overseas.

Sharing in worship

In some congregations worship is traditional and formal. In other congregations worship is contemporary and informal So don’t be surprised to encounter almost anything in a Presbyterian service including:

  • organ music
  • Island gospel choirs
  • contemporary bands
  • ancient Psalms
  • café worship
  • "spirited conversations"
  • and a whole lot more…