Reports and Studies Archive

General Assembly decisions

 2018 made a decision about responsible stewardship of God's creation. See the report to Assembly, including list of actions, here.

2016 adopted the “We Say Yes” statement, which includes reference to the Church's beliefs about caring for creation.

2014 made a decision that the General Assembly agreed to request that the Church’s Property Trustees, who manage the major funds of the Church, divest from fossil fuel investments.

2008 Presbyterian Church Declaration on Climate Change and the Environment

2006 encouraged all parishes to become Fair Trade churches


4 Bible studies immigration  - Jubilee Centre

5 Bible studies Christianity, Climate Change Jubilee Centre

Fair trade bible study

Caritas enviromental justice study


The power to Change Energy Policy and Climate Change -GA 08 (USA)

ARocha climate change threat

AGAPE Consultation on Poverty, Wealth. 6 Nov 2009

Global Poverty and Gobal Warming

Christian care for the environment

Real Urgent and Personal: A Christian approach to climate change (ICBC)

World Council of Churches climate change programme

Moana Declaration 2009 Pacific Churches

Migration, Climate Change and Environmental 2009

CWS Backgrounder on Climate Change 2009

climate change terminology explained

Sustainable buildings

Guidelines for Sustainable building development

Scientific evidence for global environmental change by Kevin Tate.

Tuvalu v. ExxonMobil? Transnational climate lawsuits to rise like sea levels?

Climate Change: Enabling people living in poverty to adapt. Oxfam research, April 2010.

Listen to audio of Peter Emberson, Pacific Conference of Churches, speaking on the effects of climate change in the Pacific region (6 min) From the WCC, Pacific Conference of Churches, Protestant German development agency Conference on the Rights of Climate Refugees, 3 & 4 May 2010.

Five week lecture series “Our planet is changing: what on earth are we going to do?”

May 2010. St David’s Presbyterian, Palmerston North, sponsored a speakers on climate change series with world-leading speakers from the Manawatu. See the blog.

The International Council of Women toolkit “Women Defending the Integrity of the Planet”

Stresses the crucial role women must play in reducing the effects of climate change. Download.