Summer 2015

The summer edition of Spanz magazine explores some of the many missions our churches are involved with overseas demonstrating their faith in action. We rejoice in a Presbyterian who has helped resettle thousands of refugees in Hamilton. We discover how one church is seeking the prayers of its community. We learn about a project seeking creative interpretations of the Gospel of Luke, and another project making a difference for New Zealand youth with diabetes and women in South India. We share how an Amorangi minister is helping a pakeha congregation build bridges in a Maori community. We celebrate Northern youth sharing acts of kindness. We meet young global leaders training in mission. We find out about the World Council of Churches (WCC) Pacific churches summit, the appointment of a former Church Moderator as head of the Council for World Mission, the Moderator’s Inspiring Mission evenings, and the 70th CWS Christmas Appeal. Plus many more stories from throughout our Church.