Winter 2014

The winter edition of Spanz magazine explores the key issues some of the Presbyterian Church’s leaders will consider before casting their ballot this election. We hear about a multicultural exercise group that's been keeping its senior church members fit and healthy for more than 15 years, and we discover how St Paul's Ashburton has been serving seniors in their community for more than ten years. We find out more about the GA Assembly Week inspiring programme and Minister’s Day. We learn how a soon to be distributed Doctrine Core Group resource can help the Church to discuss marriage. We share how parishes and Presbyterian Support regions around the country embraced this year’s Neighbours Day. We meet Presbyterian Support Northern’s new Maori Advisor. We discover how one young Presbyterian is staying connected with her church’s students who have moved away to study. We introduce three new regional Presbyterian youth coordinators. We learn how Te Aka Puaho has put into action its plan to develop stronger relationships within Maoridom. And we explore how the Church’s new Worship, Music & Arts Enabler is helping churches to think creatively. Plus many more stories from throughout our Church.