Spring 2015

Click to download the Spring edition of Spanz magazine. We celebrate the first women of the Presbyterian Church who were ordained as ministers and elders, and we find out about two new resources that aim to inspire the Church in mission: Justice & Action and Presbyterian Shapers. We share the story of a church that is mentoring at-risk young women. You can also discover more about the recent Connect youth leaders conference, and learn how the Church has been speaking out on climate change. We rejoice in young Kiwis’ knowledge of the Bible. We celebrate an Auckland congregation’s 20th anniversary of being cross-cultural, and share the story of a couple retiring after 30 years of service in youth ministry. We learn more about the experiences of young Kiwis who were part of the “I Love Taiwan” cultural exchange and introduce the interns graduating from Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. Plus many more stories from throughout our Church.