Summer 2012

Our Summer edition looks at the decisions made at GA12, which was held in October in Ohope and Rotorua. We find out how one parishioner is teaching children to garden, and how a number of our churches have established successful community gardens. We explore how the Canterbury earthquakes reshaped one ministry, and inspired caring congregations around the country to knit for the people of Christchurch. We learn of the challenges faced by a Presbyterian army chaplain during his deployments in Afghanistan and East Timor; we meet young people from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan who were invited to New Zealand by our Asian Council; we discover how the annual Northern Presbytery youth sports day and the annual Otago and Southland regional Connect are growing bigger every year; we hear how one congregation lit up the lives of 400 families on Rabi Island in Fiji; we discover how a Bible class returned from poverty-stricken Tanzania richer; we celebrate the opening of the CWM Pacific Regional Office in Auckland; and in Theology Matters we explore marriage from a Christian perspective. Plus more stories from throughout our Church.