Summer 2014

The summer edition of Spanz magazine explores how churches are opening their kitchens and their hearts to their communities and explores some of the key events and decisions from General Assembly 2014. We learn how two churches have embraced multiculturalism and cross-culturalism and how a church has strengthened New Zealand-Korean bonds. We profile a ministry building community in central Auckland. We find out about a song written to raise awareness about the pain family violence brings, and share how churches are taking part in a campaign against family violence. We meet the Church’s newly elected Moderator-designate, and introduce our new Assembly Executive Secretary and our new National Youth Director. We hear about two churches teaming up for effective Children, Youth and Families ministry. We learn how churches can be more inclusive of those with disabilities. We share the first column by our new Moderator who asks what kind of God we believe in. We discover what life’s like for ni-Van seasonal workers in New Zealand. Plus many more stories from throughout our Church.