Mission Planning

The PressGo Catalyst has a role in building capacity in congregations through teaching, coaching or facilitation as well as connecting churches with “experts” and other potential partners. Sometimes the very best ideas for a new initiative will emerge from a little spark, other times it is from a bold vision. Even congregations who are struggling to understand what the future will look like for them can find imagination and inspiration in the tension of change. Many projects will be about “experiments around the edge” – in the community where God is already active.

Some of the tangible ways the PressGo Catalyst can work with congregations to support them are:

  • Assistance, facilitation or coaching in preparing strategic, mission, operational, project or fundraising plans or reviewing them. This can be to a group of congregations who wish to work together or a single congregation.
  • Facilitation or advice regarding spiritual discernment for leadership group.
  • Help in identifying options for church development, earthquake strengthening etc
  • Undertaking a professional capacity study such as a fundraising feasibility, planning study or an operational audit.
  • Guidance on funding sources and case development to achieve the best result. 
  • Advice and/or assistance in preparing external funding applications or approaches for funding or resourcing.
  • Help parishes understand the consequences of establishing separate trusts for community mission activities.
  • Advice on social enterprise, including feasibility and business planning process.
  • Provide information on “new expressions” within our Church to parishes looking for examples of good practice and process in listening, imagining and trialling.
  • Developing congregation’s missional imagination for a potential “turnaround” congregation.
  • Facilitate or workshop change management process for congregation or a group.
  • Advice on staff structure to achieve mission goals, review job descriptions etc to advance.
  • Exploring connecting up, forming partnership and beneficial relationships with other churches and agencies.
  • Understanding your community context for mission.
  • A Christian Giving resource for use in parishes has been developed and is available.