Moderator's message regarding Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand (PWANZ)

18 May 2023


I write to inform the Church that Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand (PWANZ) has reluctantly decided to formally wind up as of 30 June 2023.  

This has followed much prayer and discussion, and two national PWANZ meetings to vote on, and then confirm, this decision (as per their Rules/Terms of Reference). 

The major reasons they have given for this decision are: 

  • The inability to attract younger Presbyterian women to our existing parish groups or as individual members. Our current mode of working does not suit their busy lives and other commitments. 
  • No one prepared to lead and govern the organisation at a national level. There are still a number of groups operating at a parish level and there is no reason why these should not continue to exist. 
  • Insufficient income to operate and meet known expenses. 
  • No longer meeting the Charities Commission requirements to operate as a charity. 

There is much sadness and regret for the present members of PWANZ in making this decision and I am sure that sadness will also be felt in the wider Church community. This organisation has been an integral part of our Church in various forms for 117 years. Over that time, it has contributed so much in so many ways.  

PWANZ will present a final report at General Assembly 2023. This will be a time for the PCANZ to remember, honour and give thanks for the wonderful contribution that PWANZ has made over so many years. 


Right Rev Hamish Galloway 
Moderator Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand