Beneficiary Fund

The Beneficiary Fund has as its objective the support of ministers of the Church both in service and particularly in retirement. The Fund is managed by Presbyterian Beneficiary Fund Trustee Limited.

In most cases members will not be able to withdraw monies from the Complying Section of the Beneficiary Fund until they reach NZ Super age. The New Benefits section allows more flexible joining and withdrawal options than the Complying Section, and in most cases you’ll not be able to withdraw from the New Benefits Section unless you leave active ministry with the Church or reach NZ Super age.

In certain circumstances, and if eligibility criteria is met, members may also be allowed to withdraw money early for one of these reasons: (a) serious illness; (b) significant financial hardship or (c) to buy a property. In the case of funds held in the New Benefits Section, withdrawal may also be possible if a member permanently emigrates.

For detailed information about the withdrawal conditions and criteria, see the Beneficiary Fund Product Disclosure Statement.


  • Requests for statements, balances or withdrawals please contact the team at Melville Jessup Weaver – email or phone 0800 226 787.
  • Further information about the management of the Beneficiary Fund, contact Presbyterian Beneficiary Fund Trustee Limited, either Russell Garrett or Tracy Setters.