CSC buying group

Through the AllChurches Services Ltd, the Church has been able to secure discounts at various major retailers including hospitality, vehicle maintenance and repairs, office supplies, building supplies and more.

Who is eligible?

Anyone is is a member (or associate member) of Presbyterian or Uniting Church is eligible to receive a discount card, or use the discount app.

How do I get a discount card?

Contact Katrina Graham from the Church's Finance team for more information or to obtain a discount card, or download the app (instructions below).

Download the app

We have been working with the CSC Buying Group New Zealand to make more discounted options available.

With the Presbyterian CSC Buying Group app you can get free discounts at stores like Noel Leeming and Bunnings (yes, you read correctly: free discounts). The deals vary by store and even by products in store. For example, consumable items at Bunnings have a significant discount, but some tools may have little or no discount.

As a little extra bonus, the app also has an entertainment package called Perk+. You can view the deals in guest mode and if you wish to access the extra deals, a 12-month subscription can be purchased for as little as $34.95. This will give you the ability to dine out or do a range of activities for a significantly reduced price.

Download instructions about how to access and use the Presbyterian CSC Buying Group app