I Have a Dream

Martin Zomuanpuia is an English teacher at Tahan Theological College. Here he shares his thoughts on education in Myanmar. “I have a dream that one day our children will go to school which is run by the church and is accessible for the poor where religions and beliefs, different cultures and traditions are honoured and respected…”. Read Martin’s story.

My Mission in Myanmar

Wayne Harray  puts his background as a farmer to good use turning 15 acres of unutilised farm land owned by Tahan Theological College into a profitable operation that both provides food for TTC's students, and acts as a demonstration farm to build local capability. Read Wayne's story

My Journey Teaching at Tahan

Helen Harray has been serving as a teacher at Tahan Theological College since July 2018. Learn some of the highlights and challenges of Helen's work teaching English to the College's students, who are aged between 16-24. Read Helen's story

Mingalaba Newsletter

Read the latest version of Mingalaba, the newsletter dedicated to our Ricebowl Mission partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar. For previous newsletters please click here

Global Mission Update

Read the latest stories from our global mission partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, and our work around the world. Read Global Mission Update (April 2020)

Partners in Mission Serving in Myanmar

Wayne and Helen.jpg

Wayne and Helen Harray serve with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar at Tahan Theological College. This is the first time the PCANZ has had mission workers serving in Myanmar so it's a big step forward in our partnership. If you would like to donate to their work, you can do so here - Read their blog here

Ricebowl Mission Brochure

Download the Ricebowl Mission Brochure here

Rice Bowl Mission is the name of our mission between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar.

Here are some of the ways you can work with us

Come Connect

Annual trips to Myanmar enable us to experience first-hand the value of being in relationship with one another. It is through the building of friendships that our monetary gifts for projects can be put to good use.

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Give to the Rice Bowl Fund

The Rice Bowl Fund provides finances and resources for:

  • Development projects
  • Income generating projects
  • Scholarships and training
  • Supporting local mission
  • Giving monetary gifts for Disaster Relief in times of devastation

You can do this by donating to the Rice Bowl Fund


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