Candour December 2009


This is a special issue of Candour; a bonus issue over and above our usual 10 a year. It features reflections from each of the 10 volunteers who were sponsored by the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand to attend the Volunteering New Zealand conference in Wellington in late October.

Angela and I spend much of our time researching, writing, editing and talking on the phone, so it was a pleasure to welcome these Presbyterian and Uniting people to Wellington and spend a couple of days enjoying their company. Hearing about what’s happening in churches in different parts of the country is always inspiring and motivating, as is the chance to seek feedback on our work, as we seek to improve the Church’s communication.

One specific way in which we’re seeking feedback at the moment is through a short online survey. If you haven’t already completed this survey, I’d be grateful if you did so, as it’s very useful to us in thinking about priorities and changes for 2010.

The other thing that’s different about this issue is that it’s online only. Candour desperately needs a redesign, and the question is whether this will also include a shift to being web-based only. More than two-thirds of you already receive Candour electronically, and there are time and resource advantages to shifting to this form. You can access individual articles using the menu to the left. 

Next week watch out for another Press Go update e-newsletter (sign up here if you're not on the list), with more news about each of the projects and links to video clips and images. If you can’t wait till then and you’re interested in a year spent in Bethlehem learning about church planting, see the vacancy advertisement in this Candour.

The next issue of Candour is February, and will have the theme “Is preaching dead?”. You’re very welcome to email a contribution to

It’s a short editorial for this special issue; I’m sure you’re also feeling the pressure of pre Christmas deadlines. I hope you have a joyful festive season and the chance to take some time out.