Council News January 2012

The Council of Assembly (COA) met in Auckland on 14 January 2012 to consider a report from the panel appointed to conduct the seven yearly review of the Master of Knox College. Certain areas of concern were identified in the review and a commission of the General Assembly has been formed to address these matters.

The Commission is convened by Dr John Kernohan, who had convened the review panel.  Members of the Commission are: Lisa Wells (COA Deputy Convenor), James Lindsay (Director of Accommodation Services, University of Otago),  Professor Warren Tate (Convenor of a joint Council of Knox College and Salmond College / University of Otago Review which was also underway at the time of the PCANZ Review), Professor Nicola Peart (member of the Council of Knox College and Salmond College and Law Professor at the University of Otago) and the Very Rev Dr Graham Redding who is an ex officio member of the Council of Knox College and Salmond College.

The COA takes the view that there must be a change of culture at Knox College and the Commission is charged with this responsibility.

Since that time, the Council of Knox College and Salmond College has met and resolved to delegate all its powers and functions to the Commission appointed by the Council of Assembly.  This means that the Commission is fulfilling a governance role over the Colleges.

The Master of Knox College, Mr Bruce Aitken, is currently on leave and in his absence Jamie Gilbertson, Head of Arana College, is Acting Master.

Staff have been kept informed and are positive about the changes underway which aim to provide increased support for Knox College residents to enjoy their time in a safe caring environment.