Terms of call for local ministry teams

These terms of call are set out in terms of headings. Specific terms of call for a specific local ministry team need to have some content under each heading. Some of the headings relate to specific detail which will vary in relation to a specific position eg the designation of the position. Other headings will have specific content which will be the standard minimum expected.

These terms of call have two parts. Part 1 is the terms of call for the local ministry team as a whole. Part 2 is the terms of call for individual members of the team. The two parts need to be read in conjunction with each other and must be internally consistent.

These terms of call should form a document which is to be presented, with all details complete, to the congregation and then to the presbytery/UCC for approval.

The document should include the terms of call for the team and a set of terms of call for each individual member of the team.

Download a suggested format