Transition ministry


You can download a brochure that explains Transition Ministry. It is a special form of ministry in which the Transition Minister uses a range of techniques to “re-visit, re-new and re-develop the vision and mission focus of a congregation. A Transition Minister is typically brought into a vacant parish after the ministry settlement board and the congregation agrees it would benefit the parish to reassess its goals before appointing a new charge. The Transition Minister develops a ‘contract’ with the parish, which sets out the goals to be achieved and the length of the appointment. Typically a Transition Minister may be appointed for 6 months to 2 years’ duration. At the end of the contract, the Transition Minister leaves and the ministry settlement board begins the formal process of filling the charge.

Isn’t that the same as Stated Supply?

No. Transition Ministry is very different. Although a Transition Minister may conduct regular services, their focus is on helping the parish to transition through a time of change. Furthermore, a Transition Minister has undergone specific training for this type of ministry. At the outset, the Transition Minister and parish need to decide not only what goals are to be achieved, but also how much time they are likely to take, and what aspects of regular ministry can be delegated to others in order to free up the Transition Minister to focus on their primary role.

So who administers the sacraments?

Within the Presbyterian Church, elders may be appointed to administer baptism and communion. Likewise, where the Transition Minister is not a registered marriage celebrant, an elder who has taken on ministerial duties may be placed on the Presbyterian Marriage Celebrant List. Who are Transition Ministers? Transition Ministers come from a range of backgrounds and denominations. Some may be ordained ministers in their own right, while others are elders, lay workers and even parishioners. They undergo a period of training that includes both theory and projects ‘in the field’.

Can Transition Ministry be used in other (filled) parishes?

Yes! In fact Transition Ministry can be used in a range of situations where people are going through changes. It is not limited to just parishes either as other groups within the Church may benefit from the assistance of a Transition Minister – including non-pastoral workers going through a time of change. If you are interested in appointing a Transition Minister, or training to become one, please contact the Employment Advisor.