Lottery Grants

The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees

Conditions to be met before making an application for a Lottery Board Grant

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, meeting in July 1998 determined that parishes could make applications for Lottery Board Grants subject to certain criteria -

  1. The beneficiaries of the grant must be wider than the congregation applying for the grant, for example community projects.
  2. The grant cannot be used for the regular functioning of the congregation such as for the provision of worship, ministry, a church officer, parish secretary, choirmaster, organist or other subordinate officials.
  3. Application for grants for property development including building alterations will only be considered when most of the use of the property will be for groups or organisations which are not part of the congregation.
  4. The congregation will be able to sustain the project financially during its future life.
  5. The congregation has sufficient realisable assets, either financial or in property, to cover the restitution of any grant which the Church Property Trustees are required to make in terms of the agreement with the Lottery Grants Board.
  6. The congregation has specifically agreed that should restitution be required it will be funded from these specified assets.
  7. The Presbytery has undertaken to ensure that the conditions of the grant are met and has processes in place to fulfil this.
  8. Applications to be approved by –
  • the Board of Managers or Deacons Court or Parush Council of the applicant parish
  • a meeting of the congregation
  • the Presbytery
  • the Church Property Trustees

Applications to apply for Lottery Grants must be approved by both the Presbytery and the Trustees. Applications for approval to apply for a Lottery Grant are available on request from the Trustees's office on (04) 381 8290 or The Church Property Trustees have been delegated the ultimate responsibity to ensure that the criteria as determiined by the General Assembly are met and require that –

  1. Before any expenditure is made from any Lottery Board grant that may be made, or any contract made which would require disbursement from the grant, that the Parish Council must first obtain the approval of the Presbytery's Property and Finance Committee, and
  2. Should a grant be made by the Lottery Board, the parish is to set up a special account with four trustees (2 members of the Parish Council and 2 members of the Presbytery's Property and Finance Committee) into which the grant must be paid, any disbursement from the special account to require the signature of two trustees, one of which must be one of the two Parish Council Trustees together with one of the two of the Presbytery's Trustees.
  3. If these conditions are satisfied the Church Property Trustees may authorise a grant application on the basis that any restitution will be limited to the property specified above and the acceptance of the grant does not place any liability on any other property or fund.

Applications for Trustees approval should be sent to:

Presbyterian Church Property Trustees, P O Box 9049, Marion Square, Wellington 6141.

Enquiries to the Executive Officer, Russell Garrett phone 04 381 8296 or email