A variety of resources are available on this page to assist Beneficiary Fund members, annuitants and parishes understand the proposed changes to the retirement support programme offered to ministers, other leaders and employees.

Information booklets

Two information booklets have been prepared to help people understand the proposed changes. These booklets have been posted to all fund members, annuitants and parishes, and additional copies are available by phoning Assembly Office on 04 801 6000. Or email us at

Download the information booklet for members and annuitants

Download the information booklet for sessions and parish councils

Introductory video from the Very Rev Ray Coster

Former Moderator, and recently retired minister of our Church, the Very Rev Ray Coster talks about the proposed changes. View video

Explanatory video

It was originally planned to produce a video of one of the 17 roadshow presentations that were held in parishes around the country in September and October. However, it has been decided that the existing video and supplementary information that are now available - particularly the Frequently Asked Questions and Factsheet resources, which are largely based on information provided at the roadshows - provide the necessary detail. For this reason, production of a video of the roadshow is no longer planned.

Other resources

These factsheets and frequently asked question resources have been produced to address common questions that were raised during the regional roadshows and in feedback to the Beneficiary Fund Workgroup. 

The following resources are available (or will be available shortly as indicated):