White Ribbon 2022

For White Ribbon 2022, the Rev Hana Popea, the PCANZ’s new White Ribbon Ambassador, has prepared video resources for parishes, and also Worship resources - reflection, prayers, call to worship and benedictions, and music suggestions for use on White Ribbon Sunday, 27 November.  See links to White Ribbon 2022 resources below. 

Message from White Ribbon NZ Ambassador, Rev Hana Popea 

Kia Ora, Talofa, and Greetings.  White Ribbon Day is held each year on 25 November. This international campaign is a platform for individuals, churches and organisations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women. 

This year, I would like to encourage our congregations and leaders to unite in solidarity and worship on Sunday 27 November 2022 at the beginning of the Advent season. You could light a candle of hope, share the meaning of ‘hope’, pray and recommit to the task of preventing family violence in our homes, churches, work environments and local communities. 

Family violence is a blight on our communities, especially violence against women and children.  The high number of family harm incidents in Aotearoa New Zealand is of deep concern.  Violence – including physical, spiritual, sexual and/or psychological violence – is escalating, and guns are being used more often.  The impact on domestic relationships is devastating and traumatic... download here the full message from Rev Hana Popea

White Ribbon 2022 videos

PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador Rev Hana Popea has recorded zoom video calls with Presbyterians asking three questions she prepared on what Presbyterians think could or does stop or prevent domestic and family violence towards women and children. 

Hana recorded herself answering the questions, and then put them to PCANZ Moderator Right Rev Hamish Galloway, Ruth Risati Kaio, Honey Thrupp, and Hannah North. See video below.

Over time, as Hana records further zoom talks with more Presbyterians, she intends for the videos to form part of a library of White Ribbon video resources for the Church. She wants to hear from the wider PCANZ and share the ideas and views of a range of ages, cultures, and in many languages. If you would like to participate in a video please get in touch.

See all six PCANZ White Ribbon videos, including the 2022 introduction by Hana, below or on the PCANZ White Ribbon vimeo channel and our vimeo White Ribbon 2022 showcase.


White Ribbon 2022 Worship Resources for Sunday 27 November

Download here Worship resources for White Ribbon prepared by Rev Hana Popea our PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador. Included are a reflection, prayers, call to worship and benedictions, and music suggestions.

"Should the elevation of teaching of God’s Word help people find deep spiritual understanding? I think it should. We encourage the worship, teaching and mission of God in our parishes and local communities when we give it a high priority, allowing it to transform a society from being a place where lives are damaged by violence and by the fear of speaking out, into a peaceful and loving society where freedom and respect are acceptable and appreciated...."

2022 White Ribbon Resources & message from Moderator Right Rev Hamish Galloway

Download here all the 2022 White Ribbon resources and a message of support from Moderator Right Rev Hamish Galloway who writes, "I want to strongly commend to our churches the work of the new Presbyterian Church White Ribbon Ambassador, the Rev Hana Popea. Hana is working on resources that can be used to combat family violence in our communities. This is such a key area for the Church to be working in. Please look out for ways you can use in your church, around 25 November White Ribbon Day, the resources Hana is producing."

Presbyterian Support Northern resources

This year's resources for White Ribbon 2022 from Presbyterian Support Northern are a White Ribbon service of worship focusing on themes related to family violence, created for PresCare by the Rev Roxy Gahegan in 2020, and the PSN Shine website. Shine is a leading specialist domestic abuse service provider in Auckland. Download PSN White Ribbon 2022 poster with links to both resources here.

Further White Ribbon 2022 resources 

  • The White Ribbon NZ website has resources and events for this year's campaign. 
  • STOP is an organisation that provides community-based assessment and intervention services for adolescents, adults and children. Our White Ribbon Ambassador talks about their work in her 2022 White Ribbon video.
  • The PCANZ Family Violence info page has links to many organisations working to end family violence plus organisations that provide resources and training. For example, there is a link to the Ministry of Justice public register of family violence safety and nonviolence programme providers throughout NZ.
  • See White Ribbon Day resources prepared by Very Rev Ray Coster over past years  in the PCANZ White Ribbon campaigns archive.