KCML announce staff change

Rev Dr Steve Taylor, Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (KCML) announced the news today that Rev Dr Mark Johnston is leaving his role at KCML.

On behalf of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (KCML) I announce the news that Rev Dr Mark Johnston is leaving his role at KCML. Our loss is the Kingdom’s gain. Our sadness is the loss of exceptional and gifted leadership. 
Mark will be taking up a teaching role overseas, and joins his wife, Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly, who has been appointed to a university chaplain role in Scotland. We will share more on this once their immigration matters are completed and their departure date is finalised. I will also let you know a time for us to gather to celebrate this season of ministry.
As Mark looks to forward to his future, I would like to take a moment to reflect on his past.
Mark has provided twelve years of dedicated, pioneering and innovative service as a KCML Fieldwork Co-ordinator and ministry formator. As the inaugural Auckland Co-ordinator, Mark played a signicant role in establishing KCML nationally. 
At KCML, Mark has taught worship and mission and overseen internships. His attention to the whole person in formation has strengthened the development of the NOM internship programme. He has also led workshops, professional development opportunities and assisted presbyteries, PYM, PressGo, Presbyterian Support, and the Presbyterian Development Society.
While at KCML, Mark completed his Doctorate of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. This investment in study led to further innovation, particularly in developing practices around New Mission Seedlings and training through Lighthouse, Listening in Mission and Experimenting in Mission. These have gained international affirmation, with requests for materials from Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ethiopia.


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