Moderator's call for Lenten Prayers for Ukraine & ways to donate

Call for Lenten Prayers for Ukraine 

Yesterday, I joined with the leaders of the New Zealand Methodist, Roman Catholic, and Anglican churches in releasing a press statement on the terrible crisis in Ukraine. The statement is as follows: 

Statement on Ukraine  

Across the globe people are horrified by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  

In a region that learnt the devastating lessons of war last century, the pattern has the tragic possibility of repeating. It flies in the face of much of the progress in peaceful coexistence that Europe has made in recent decades.  

Once again, on European soil, we see the rights and wellbeing of millions of ordinary people trampled on by an aggressive and entitled leader. 

It also flies in the face of the Jesus-values of peace-making. In this instance, those values call us to stand against violence and stand with the oppressed.  

Those values call for de-escalation and peace talks.  

They call for humility and kindness.  

As Christians we stand in solidarity with the vast chorus of voices calling for the aggression to end and the peaceful solutions to begin. 

In this troubled time, this is a great example of Christian solidarity. And to this I want to add a call to prayer for our Church, supporting the global call to prayer for Ash Wednesday, 2 March, from Pope Francis: 

Pope Francis had called on Christians around the world to fast and pray for peace in Eastern Europe this coming Ash Wednesday. “I invite everyone to make March 2, Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting for peace, I encourage believers in a special way to devote themselves intensely to prayer and fasting on that day.”  

- Pope Francis, 25.02.2022

Given our place on the date line, we can lead the world in this global ripple of prayer! 

            - Hamish Galloway  Moderator  Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ 


To donate to help the people of Ukraine, see organisation links here.