Podcast ongoing series 2024 - The Convo by New Zealand Christians in Science

Listen to podcasts - The Convo - by New Zealand Christians in Science here https://www.nzcis.org/the-convo/category/podcast-episode/ or here  https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nz-christians-in-science/episod…

You can also listen to older podcasts by Dr Cameron Surrey (Catholic Tertiary Chaplain) and Dr Nicola Hoggard (NZ Christians in Science); Dr. Yael Klangwisan, ​​​​Evangelism by irritation: Kim Hill interviews Andy Gosler; and Dr Zachary Ardern takes on Professor Peter Atkins in debate, facilitated by Premier Christian Radio’s Justin Brierly, as part of the Unbelievable series.


New Zealand Christians in Science (NZCIS) celebrates the interface between the natural sciences and Christian theology.

It supports and promotes a holistic, evolutionary understanding of cosmic and biological history, in dialogue with and informed by Christian faith. Within those parameters, we seek lively dialogue and wide-ranging investigation of the sciences and theology. We invite open dialogue and partnership with Mātauranga Maori and those of other faiths. And we seek to partner with all those working to heal the earth and to live more lightly on it.