Christian contemplation curriculum and resources website launched

Over the last twelve months the Presbyterian and Anglican Schools’ offices have been collaborating on a Christian contemplation curriculum website.

The website is now live and can be found at

There are many resources available to New Zealand schools from within the mindfulness stream which have either a Buddhist or secular framework, explains Rev Sharon Ross Ensor from the Presbyterian Schools' Resource Office.

"The website has been developed in response to schools wanting access to resources and curriculum from within our own rich and deep Christian contemplative tradition, in keeping with the Christian ethos and practice of Presbyterian and Anglican schools."

"We hope you will find things of use to your faith community on the website as well. There is a great deal of material there and there is still more to add! We welcome your feedback and any resources you might have which can be added to the treasure trove already there."

Sharon thanks those involved with the project.

"Rev Yvonne Smith has done most of the work of compiling the resources which are on the site. We are very grateful to Yvonne for her terrific work as well as to Sarah Edgecombe who has developed the website for us. Thanks as well to Rev Martin Stewart for the beautiful photos he has generously shared for the project."