A Simple Contemporary Statement of Faith (1969)

(Adopted by the General Assembly, 1969)


The teaching of our Church is set out and available in various documents. Within this teaching it is extremely difficult to select some particular statements as ‘fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith’ because any statement which could be made is open to different understandings.

Recognising the limitations of any brief and simple statement, and with no attempt to be exhaustive, this Church holds that the following affirmations express fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.


We worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; with Him are the origin and destiny of nature and of man.

Our knowledge of God and His ways comes primarily from the Bible. Through these writings God speaks.

He is holy and righteous, merciful and steadfastly loving. He desires that men should live in fellowship with Him and each other. In their selfcentredness all men defy God’s purpose for their lives. They are alienated from God and unable to find their own way back to Him.

In the life, teaching, crucifixion and triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ, His one true Son, God has revealed Himself to men and reconciled them to Himself.

By the working of the Holy Spirit we are invited and enabled to turn from our sin and put our faith in Christ. In the Christian fellowship we enter upon a new life of praise, joy, peace, freedom, service, witness and love.

As Christians we are not immune from grief and pain, and are called to be ready for sacrifice in serving Christ. Yet we are assured of the help of God in bearing the burdens of life and overcoming its difficulties.

The reality of God is greater than any man’s understanding of it; we can set no limits to His power.

In the light of the resurrection Christians face all their future, including death, with confidence in the sufficiency of God.