What to bring

Blankets and pillows are supplied and you need to bring only linen and towels, personal requirements, food and beverages. There is a small supply of emergency rations – please replace if used. Linen can be made available but this must be laundered before you leave, so unless space is limited, bringing your own is easier. Bring your swimming and tennis gear so you can make use of the swimming pool and tennis court.

Glen Innis is only 15 km from Waipukurau where a good selection of retail shops are available for all supplies etc.

Mail can be posted and received Monday to Friday and the Dominion Post newspaper is also delivered in the late afternoon on those days. If you wish to make phone calls outside the local free dialing area please make calls collect or use a prepaid calling card.

Glen Innis is a working farm. The surplus income is used to maintain the two homes as venues for free holidays for ministers and their families. Any additional surplus is used to assist children in need. The Trustees are therefore anxious to maintain the facility in its present attractive condition and have made some rules which guests are asked to observe.


It is important that guests, particularly young children do NOT roam around the property unaccompanied. In the interests of your health and safety, please read and observe the notice that you will find in your house. On no account are vehicles to be driven around the farm.

Breakages and other damage

It is inevitable that breakages will occur from time to time. If this should happen please make sure that you report the breakages before you leave so that everything is in order for the next guests.

Large groups

The clear intention of the McNutt bequest is to provide a holiday home for ministers. The facilities are not suitable for large groups of people – adults or children. Under no circumstances must the number of people staying exceed the sleeping capacity of the houses, which is nine adults and one baby for James McNutt House, and seven adults and one baby for Maud Hooper House. Camping is strictly prohibited. With prior notice caravans may be parked on the farm but they must not be used while on the property. Please therefore do not bring large groups of friends and relatives. The number of people you have booked for is accepted as the number that will be staying.

Please do not bring dogs or any other pets.

The houses are not serviced and guests are requested to leave them in the same clean and tidy condition they were on arrival.