Shipwrecks and saving graces

Revs Malcolm Gordon, Sharon Ross Ensor and Roxy Gahegan are offering a "Shipwrecks and saving graces" retreat in Wellington in August.

Who is the retreat for?

  • Anyone who feels battered or ‘cast adrift’ by their experiences in life and/or ministry
  • Anyone who wonders where God is in the midst of the hard times
  • Anyone who wants to reflect on those experiences within the rhythm of Jesus’ story found at the heart of Christian faith: ‘dying, lying and rising’’.

Where and when

Home of Compassion, Island Bay, Wellington from 7pm Fri, 23 Aug to 3pm Sun, 25 Aug.


The cost is $210, which includes all meals and single room with own bathroom.

More info

Email Sharon for more info, or visit the Shipwrecks and Saving Graces website