Moderator's pastoral message: Covid-19 in the community


16 February 2021

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord and our Saviour.

As we face once more the reality of Covid-19 in our community, we keep each other in our prayers and uphold one another in our hearts. Our strength and our resolve is in our Lord.  He says, “Come to me all who are weak and weary”.  Matthew 11: 28.

We are fortunate that coronavirus (Covid-19) has not spread throughout our country but let us not forget that we need to remain vigilant as this virus wreaks havoc around the world causing suffering and death. This invisible foe causes devastation at every level of humanity, irrespective of wealth, status or age. As a global human race we are all in the same storm.

Let us not be complacent in the face of a new more serious virus variant reaching our shore. New Zealand has fared better than most other nations, let us do what we can to keep it that way. Please keep trusting those called to lead us at this time. Heed the guidance and lead of our health specialists, follow advice from them. We must abide by our Government’s civic oversight over us all. Be courageous and be strong.

In your local vicinity, be wise, be careful in the care of each other. Precaution and safety are paramount in our service to one another. Soothe anxiety and uncertainty by sharing the actions we can take and ways we can look after ourselves and others - see accessible guidance below in many languages.

Rise up in your bubble, your family, your community, and in your church, as a leader. Find ways to connect to each person… safely.

Let us keep each other in our prayers. Our love and our prayers to all.

Links to information about COVID-19 and staying safe in the following languages can be found here:
•    Te Reo Māori
•    English
•    Samoan
•    Tokelauan
•    Korean
•    Tuvaluan
•    Niuean
•    Tongan
•    Cook Islands Māori
•    Simplified Chinese
•    Kiribati
•    NZ Sign Language
•    Large print and Audio


Right Rev Fakaofo Kaio
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand