Kids Friendly

Kids Friendly is the children's ministry office of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Kids Friendly coaches aim to equip, encourage and resource churches to intentionally minister to children and families in their communities. Being "Kids Friendly" is an ethos and value that is expressed and embraced by the whole congregation.

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Our Kids Friendly Mission:

To cultivate churches with a heart for ministering to children and families.

Our Kids Friendly Vision:

We see churches welcoming, valuing, nurturing and celebrating children

We see children experiencing the love of Christ as congregations relate to them and include them in  every aspect of the faith community

We see children using their gifts and ministering to us in our churches

We see friendships between old and young flourishing, facilitated and encouraged

We see churches filled with children and families every day of the week, experiencing the love of Christ as they are served by  Christians.

We see well trained and resourced children’s leaders being valued as ministers, included in strategic planning groups, prayed for, affirmed, encouraged and allowed to fly.

We see a network of churches committed to ministering to children, sharing their experiences, resources and ideas and encouraging each other.

Find a Kids Friendly Church

Presbyterian and Uniting churches may opt to review their “Kids Friendly-ness” using the Kids Friendly self-review resource and process. A list of current Kids Friendly churches from Cape Reinga to the Bluff can be found here. Find a Kids Friendly church

Kids Friendly Churches have:

 A Heart for Children
 Kids Friendly Sundays
 Mission Culture
 Valued Children
 Valued Children’s Ministry Leaders
 A Safe and Healthy Environment
 Effective Administration
 A Commitment to Self Review
 A Kids Friendly Minister

Join the Kids Friendly Network of Churches

If you are committed to intentionally ministering to children and families, we encourage you to join the Kids Friendly Network. Network members receive a Kids Friendly best practice manual (including access to over 30 resources) and regular Kids Friendly news of children’s ministry training events and resources. They can also access advice and training from the Kids Friendly coaches and receive “Hands On”, our Kids Friendly newsletter packed full of inspirational stories from our churches. You may also opt to work to become a Kids Friendly Church by reviewing your church’s ministry to children using the Kids Friendly Self-Review resource and process.

Contact us

Rev Robin Humphreys
Kids Friendly Coach (National)
Mobile - 027 561 3373
Email -
1 Toledo Place, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch 8081

Cheryl Harray
Kids Friendly Advisor Synod of Otago and Southland
Telephone - (03) 476-3932
Mobile - 027 4896153
Email -
14 Honeystone Street, Helensburgh, Dunedin 9010