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Every year a special mission project is the principal emphasis of money-raising within Presbyterian Women and the Methodist Women's Fellowship. The money raised is allocated to selected needs, overseas and in New Zealand. Together Presbyterian Women (APW) and MWF prepare information packs to help the church to understand the needs of the people in the selected areas.

2018/19 Special Project

In 2018/19 the project focuses on the theme: Let the Children Live

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More information about Bellyful

More information about SEEP and their work with CWS

Special Project 2017 - 2018

The Special Project 2017/18 focuses on children.


The New Zealand project works with PILLARS, Ka Pou Whakahou, which exists to create positive futures for the children of prisoners in Aotearoa, by supporting them to cope with parental imprisonment therefore breaking the cycle of intergenerational crime.

The international project, working with CWS and their partner the Centre for Community Solidarity in Uganda, is working with people caring for orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Below is more information, material for print and a power point presentation from CWS.

Working together as the women of Presbyterian churches and co-operating churches we can make a difference in the lives of others.


Special Project Flyer
Special Project Pillars Programme
Special Project Uganda - talk only
Special Project Uganda pdf
Special Project Uganda slide show

Special Project 2015 - 2016


Young New Zealanders Foundation - Gemstones 2
Philippines – Developers Foundation

Special Project 2014 - 2015


Diabetes Youth New Zealand
Neythal Background

Special Project 2012 - 2013



Special project 2011 - 2012

Mums and Kids

As we supply the special project material, it is our prayer that you will find it helpful in the understanding the problem of maternal mortality which, thanks to medical science and our own understanding of self care has become very rare in our own first world culture.   We are excited too, to be able to introduce the 21st Century approach to children’s programmes in our churches by “Kid’s Friendly”, and “Kids Loving Church”

Our project takes in the problem of under privileged mothers for whom child bearing creates huge risk and the area which faces us in New Zealand of bringing children through childhood to become responsible Christian members of Church and society.   In these days when bullying is becoming a problem, “Kids Loving Church” and “Kid’s Friendly” seek to provide good, healthy, appealing alternatives to lower activities which are grabbing our children.  In this day when there are so many  problems with anti social behaviour by our youngsters, let’s support our projects with all our might.

70% of the money raised will go to Palestine through CWS, and 30% will be used by “Kids Friendly” for the benefit of children’s workers in Methodist and Presbyterian Churches and Cooperating Ventures.    Although we have highlighted a particular programme of Regional Training & Networking Events for Methodist and Presbyterian Leaders, we will divide the money you raise for children’s work between our two denominations.

Our thanks go to Liz Martin of CWS who has worked under extreme difficulties in Christchurch to produce the Palestinian Maternal Mortality material, and Jill Kayser of Kid’s Friendly in consultation with Esme Coles, the Methodist children’s worker, for producing this year’s special project material

For speakers, contact your nearest CWS representative, contact your own children’s workers, Esme Coles of Kids Loving Church,  or Jill Kayser of Kid’s Friendly

We hope that you find this material informative and enjoy working with it.

Please send your financial contribution for the project to your national MWF or APW treasurer by June 30th  2012

MWF Co-coordinators:
Mataiva Robertson: 20 Calverts Rd, Materoa, New Plymouth  06 263 4484
Laiga Etimani
Pesbyterian Women Missions Dept
Rae Simpson: 12 Kotanui Ave, Army Bay, Whangaparaoa 0930 09 424 4274


Maternal Health in Palestine
Devotional page
Kids Friendly Connections

Special project 2010 – 2011

Building for the future

We are pleased to supply you with Special Project resource material which we trust will be useful to you as you learn about the work of Act Alliance in Haiti and Habitat for Humanity. 70 per cent of the money raised will go to Habitat for Humanity in New Zealand and 30 per cent will go to Haiti through CWS and Act Alliance.

Our thanks go to David Lawson of Habitat for Humanity and to Liz Martin of CWS for drawing together the information for us.

To help you in your programming and devotional meetings, here is help on the theme of building both physically and spiritually.

Other Suggested Bible Passages:

  • Matt 7:24-27 "Building a solid foundation"
  • Psalm 127:1, 2 "Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is useless. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.”
  • Exodus 22:25 “If you lend money…. do not be like the money lender, charging interest”

Suitable Hymns from With One Voice

465 All My Hope In God Is Founded
491 How Firm A Foundation

Songs of the Kingdom

57 For I'm Building a people of Power
Brother, Sister, let me serve you

Children's song

The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock
(Your Sunday School Teachers may have the music)


Dear God, Creator of all we have, thank you for the plenty which we enjoy. We lift up to you those who have less than we do, and who are struggling to house and feed their families. We pray for people in our own country who find it hard to save the money for a deposit on their first home. We thank you for the work of Habitat for Humanity in helping those who are prepared to work towards home ownership. We pray for the people of Haiti who were struggling to hold body and soul together, even before the disastrous earthquake which destroyed what little they had. Thank you for the relief agencies helping these people. Give them wisdom and perseverance as they work with the homeless. May we, along with the aid agencies, be salt and light in the world, we pray, in Jesus name,

Recommended reading

"A Simple, Decent Place to Live" by Millard Fuller. Word publication © 1995.


Habitat for Humanity flyer
Haiti Act Alliance information
Special Project background information
Special Project devotional


The Waikanae APW hosted a luncheon to raise funds for the Special Project.

On the day they raised $535.00. It proved to be a happy and delightful time with Tony Woods giving an interesting and descriptive talk on Habitat for Humanity and how it works in New Zealand.

Photographs courtesy of:
Alison Craig
President of Waikanae A.P.W.
of the Otaki & Waikanae Presbyterian Parish

For more information and speakers, contact CWS National office

  • Your local Habitat for Humanity branch
  • Field workers Jacqui Ryan (Upper North Island)
  • Andrew Johnston, (Lower North Island)

We hope that you enjoy using this programme and are enriched as you gain understanding of the way things are for those who are trying to break the poverty cycle and achieve long term quality life in Haiti, and here in New Zealand.

MWF Co-coordinators

  • Vaotane Samoa Saleupolu: 24 Redoubt Rd, Greenwood Heights, Manukau 2105
    Email -
    Phone - 09 263 4484
  • Rosa Faafuata: 801 Queen St East, Parkvale, Hastings 4122
    Email -
    Phone - 06 876 7965

APW Missions Dept

  • Rae Simpson: 12 Kotanui Ave, Army Bay, Whangaparaoa 0930
    Email -
    Phone - 09 424 4274
  • Julia Buckingham: Selwyn Heights, 20/42 Herd Rd, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042
    Email -
    Phone - 09 624 3607

Please send your project financial contributions to your national MWF or APW treasurer by 31 August 2011.

Special project 2008/09 APW/MWF Project

The major part of this year’s project is to aid The Hearing Association of New Zealand’s Communication Project. Hearing loss is a huge handicap to ordinary people. This project will see us provide the relevant information about hearing loss to both our members and the general public, and hopefully make help affordable This project will consist of a number of smaller projects that utilize different media approaches.

The overseas component of the Special Project will support women in Lauru, Solomon Islands.  The Lauru Land Conference was founded in 1981 to focus on the land and the cultural identity tied in with it - disputes, logging, development aid and the needs of communities, and that sort of thing. The Women's Programme "brings women together to empower and educate them while developing their leadership skills... helping them find new ways of earning income from the sales of crafts, giving them more confidence in participating in decisions about the use of their community's shared resources and educating them about the issues confronting Lauru and the Solomon Islands in general."

Bev Quigley, (MBG) can be contacted via St Stephens church, Timaru (

2007/8 Special APW/MWF Project

The APW/MWF Special Project, Opening Doors will support overseas, the Christian World Service partner, The House of Passage in Brazil and in New Zealand, the Churches’ Education Commission’s programme for chaplaincy in state schools.

The House of Passage opened in the city of Recife in the Northeast of Brazil in 1989 to attempt to meet the needs of young girls living on the streets or in the slums.  The House successfully continues to provide basic needs, such as good meals, as well as training in life skills and vocational skills for these girls who live in extreme poverty, violence and abuse.  Its programmes have now been extended to provide for boys as well.

The Churches’ Education Commission, in its Christian Education programme in primary schools and its Chaplaincy programme in primary and secondary schools aims to enable students to make good life choices.  The Special Project will provide funding for the ongoing training and support of these voluntary chaplains. For further information contact Rae Simpson,

2006/7 Special APW/MWF Project

New Zealand Focus – The Stroke Foundation

Stroke is the third highest cause of death and ongoing disability in New Zealand and the Stroke Foundation, which celebrated its 25th year last year, set out to “reduce the incidence of stroke and gain and provide the greatest benefits for the stroke-affected community to improve their quality of life”.  There is a National Council and four Regional Councils while 70 Stroke Clubs throughout NZ offer support to those affected by stroke.  Mark Vivian, CEO of the Stroke Foundation writes “I am very pleased to have the support of the APW/MWF Project sponsorship over this year.  It’s going to assist us a great deal, increasing the awareness of stroke – its preventability and the specific issues for young people.”  Funds raised will assist with the production of new educational resources.

Overseas Focus – East Timor

East Timor, or Timor Leste, is one of the most seriously impoverished countries in our region.  Christian World Service supports the work there of a group of Timorese and Filipino Dominican Catholic Sisters who care for a group of young people, teaching them sustainable food production including fishponds and organic vegetable gardens, and who also run a training programme in Dili for unemployed young people.  They will need support for some years yet and the money we raise will help maintain this support.
Leatrice McIntyre