Presbyterians are a passionate bunch, and we often make submissions on issues affecting our communities. Check out what we've said on these issues:

"Notes on abortion and making a submission" from Doctrine Core Group

The AES wrote to parishes 12 Dec 2019 that, "In response to requests from around the Church seeking further information and advice about the abortion law reform legislation currently before parliament, the Doctrine Core Group was asked to produce a paper that considers key issues relating to abortion. You are invited to share this information widely among your members to assist their consideration of this important issue. This paper includes reference to General Assembly decisions related to the sanctity of life, but it is worth noting that this particular paper reflects the position of the Doctrine Core Group." Download the paper.

In 1991, the Presbyterian General Assembly made a statement about abortion. It passed the following resolutions, that Assembly... 1. “reaffirm the sanctity of all human life and affirm God’s love and power to bring hope, healing and transformation to any situation or human condition” 2. “affirm the Church’s calling to protect the innocent (including the unborn, the infirm, those with special needs and the aged)” 3. “affirm that ultimately it is the prerogative of God alone to take, end or terminate human life”