White Ribbon 2023 message & resources


Message from the PCANZ White Ribbon NZ Ambassador, Rev Hana Popea - White Ribbon Day 25 Nov & White Ribbon Sunday 26 Nov

Kia Ora, Talofa, Greetings

I warmly encourage PCANZ congregations and leaders to unite in support of White Ribbon on Sunday 26 November - the closest Sunday to White Ribbon Day 25 November. Please share and use the White Ribbon resources below which include a new song, written resource, video, plus other resources recently shared at GA23.

The PCANZ White Ribbon campaign encourages our Church to join with other churches and organisations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. This year the theme is, ‘Change the story for women and girls so that they may live their lives free from the fear of violence’. 

To show your support you can: wear a white ribbon pin; creatively raise awareness in your presbytery, parish, workplace, school, youth group or children’s programme; and incorporate White Ribbon resources in your local community worship services. 

Please download the resources below, they have information and ideas to create a more meaningful White Ribbon Service for your community and groups. If you have any questions about how your parish can engage with White Ribbon, or would like to share your church’s ideas, please contact me.

Rev Hana Popea
PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador
E hanapd.pcanzwrnza@gmail.com

Message of Support for White Ribbon from PCANZ Moderator Right Rev Rose Luxford

“I commend to churches the White Ribbon Day 2023, and the resources that have been prepared by the Rev Hana Popea, White Ribbon Ambassador for the PCANZ.
Recently I was listening to a podcast featuring Mike King and he talked about issues to do with mental health. He talked of ‘changing the narrative’ in how we speak to and treat our young people, and what a huge difference that can make.
That approach resonates with the theme ‘Change the Story for women and girls’. As Hana says, violence experienced by women and girls takes many forms. Let us be pro-active in being part of changing the story.”


PCANZ White Ribbon 2023 song

“No More Smalling Up Of Me” is a song for PCANZ White Ribbon 2023. Original poem by Jean Wilson [of Jamaica] published 2003, and original music and additional words by David Raymond Dell [of New Zealand] 2023 for PCANZ White Ribbon. 

White Ribbon 2023 Resource for churches

This resource has been compiled for churches by Rev Hana Popea.

Download the 2023 PCANZ White Ribbon noticeboard poster for parishes

Please download here a poster that can be printed for your parish noticeboard or used in your parish newsletter.

GA23 White Ribbon video

During GA23, a short video on the aims of White Ribbon.

The video was created for and with PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador Rev Hana Popea and is presented and edited by Joel Tempero, produced by Technicolour Thoughts, with generous financial support from the Albert Anderson Estate.

PCANZ White Ribbon 2023 message to the Church

  Download the pdf message sent to the Church from PCANZ White Ribbon Ambassador Rev Hana Popea, the message has links to resources for White Ribbon 2023.

Church website

You can download all of the above resources on the PCANZ website White Ribbon page, and see more about family violence plus resources and agencies working to prevent it, on the PCANZ Family violence website here.

Presbyterian parish events

Presbyterian parishes will be holding White Ribbon Sunday services and events during November 2023. See images on FB here from St Davids Owhata Rotorua (Rotorua District Presbyterian Churches) White Ribbon Sunday Service on 26 November 2023. Uria Jenkins decorated the church’s large Oak tree with a White Ribbon. After the service the congregation were invited to have a White Ribbon stake hammered into the ground to show “support for standing up against violence in the home”. Rev Simon Cornwall minister of RDPC (St Davids and Ngakuru) says, “This has been for us an annual event for several years that hopefully the community will notice and take to heart. Even if it causes one person to think about their family situation it's worth it”. 

Other resources

Two upcoming webinars for faith leaders from organisations working to prevent child and family violence:
•    Webinar: SHINE family violence response webinar for Presbyterians in children and youth ministry, 30 Nov, 6.30-7.30pm. See details.
•    Webinar: Safeguarding Children two-part webinar series to help prevent and address violence and child abuse in a religious setting, 28 Nov and 5 Dec. See details.