Asia Sunday Liturgy

Asia Sunday is observed every year on the Sunday before Pentecost, and it coincides with the founding of the Christian Conference of Asia. Asia Sunday celebrations focus on particular themes every year.
This special occasion reminds Christian Conference of Asia member churches, like us, to offer special prayers and organise worship services as part of the observance of Asia Sunday. In 2018, it falls on 2 June, but as usual, churches and councils are free to choose a date to suit.

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The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) will observe this year’s Asia Sunday on 2 June, on the theme, “Stateless and Trafficked People: Our Co-Pilgrims”.

While highlighting the importance of this year’s Asia Sunday  theme, CCA General Secretary Dr. Mathews George Chunakara stated: “As the consequences and impacts of statelessness and human trafficking are enormous, the Christian response warrants to address these contemporary  problems of dehumanisation with urgent priority”.

He adds: “The observance of Asia Sunday with a focus on this particular theme will be another attempt of CCA to sensitise and mobilise Asian churches to be aware that the Church, as an instrument of caring for God’s creation, must protect those who have been trafficked to exploitation and those who are forced to live in our midst as stateless”.

Download Asia Sunday 2019 resource for worship leaders (PDF)

Download Asia Sunda 2019 resource for worship leaders (MS Word)

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