Commissioning Ritual for Transitional Minister

N… on behalf of the members of this parish, I give you this ribbon to represent our task of “Telling Our Stories”. Together we will explore our heritage and those aspects of our corporate life that we value and treasure and those that need to be challenged and changed. As we share our stories, help us to understand why we do what we do and where we need to let go and let God.

N… I give you this ribbon which represents our task of “Discovering Our Present Identity”. Together we will continue to discover who we are as a parish and the community in which we are situated.  N… (and family) are no longer with us and we need to identify our core values, strengths and weakness in order to seek giftedness in other areas of ministry.

N… I give you this ribbon represntinbg the task of “Exploring Future Directions” Together we need to explore what it means to be a church in the 21st century in this community and beyond. We need to listen to God’s voice and discern where God is calling us to focus our attention in the next chapter in our life. Then we need to seek God’s guidance as to what model of ministry and style of leadership is best suited to helping us achieve that ministry with its vision.

N… I give you this ribbon to represent the task of “Facilitating Leadership Development” Together we will enable those who want to take a break to do so without feeling guilty for having time out. We will also enable those who feel they would like to take on further responsibility to do so in order to further the mission and vision of this place.

N… I give you this ribbon to represent “Renewing Denominational Linkages” Together we will continue to develop a closer relationship with the wider church through the archdeaconry, minister’s association and diocesan office. We will learn about the resources available to us and honour the responsibility we share as stewards of your grace.

N… I give you this ribbon to represent  “Committing to New Directions and Leadership”, As we discover where God is leading us, help us to be focused on that direction. When we become nostalgic and pine for the “good old days”, help us to realize that the good days as also ahead of us and with every death there is a resurrection.

N… I tie these ribbons together as a symbol that the tasks are all interconnected and as a sign of the unity to which we aspire, to carry them out with openness to God’s leading in heart, mind and spirit.  May we model respect of one another, be tolerant of difference, and be Christlike in all we say, do and be.