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Lectionary Resources

Prepared by the Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly, this Lectionary resource is a supplement to the Justice and Action booklet.

The resource is based on the Lectionary readings for Sun, 11 Oct - Amos 5: 6-7, 10-15 and Mark 10: 17. The themes dwell on "seek the Lord and live; the shape of justice; the rich man who could not".

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Children’s Resources

Download Rich Young Ruler Lesson
Download Rich Young Ruler Appendix

Further Reading

This booklet draws on the report written for the Moderator, "Social Transformation: The Courage to Change" by Rose Black and Nettie Holm, and the workshop on the same issues at General Assembly 2014.

The Presbyterian resources and many of the books noted in this section can be obtained from the Hewitson Library. If you live outside Dunedin, a postal service is available. Please email the Hewitson Library to register for membership and place a request.


Boston J, Chapple S (2014) Child poverty in New Zealand (Bridget Williams Books) ISBN: 9781927247860 pp 296

Rashbrooke, M (Ed) (2013) Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis (Bridget Williams Books) ISBN: 9781927131510 pp 296

Christians Against Poverty: www.capnz.org

Child Poverty Action Group: www.cpag.org.nz

New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) Closer Together: www.closertogether.org.nz

Equality Network: www.equalitynetwork.org.nz

Maxim Institute policy and issues papers: www.maxim.org.nz/policy_and_research/Social_Fabric.aspx

Office of the Children’s Commissioner Child Poverty Monitor: www.childpoverty.co.nz

OCC Expert Advisory Group publications: www.occ.org.nz/publications/expert-advisory-group/

Max Rashbrooke articles: www.maxrashbrooke.org.nz

Salvation Army Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit: Alan Johnson, A Mountain all can Climb: State of the Nation Report (Feb 2015)

Nigel Latta: The New Haves and Have-nots

Soccial Justice Commission of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa & Polynesia, Children Living in Poverty (Feb 2014)

Family violence

Presbyterian Church's White Ribbon campaigns.

See the PCANZ website 'Family Violence" information page 

Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand, Caring for our Children (study guide)

Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand, Parenting Today (study guide)

Joint Methodist/Presbyterian Public Questions Committee: Violence in the Family: A Small Group Study Kit (May 1994). Contact Hewitson or Archives.

Presbyterian Church of New Zealand - Committee on Women in Church and Society, Being Together: A Resource Kit on Issues Facing Families in Aotearoa - New Zealand Today (1989). Contact Hewitson or Archives.

Are You OK? Community Action Toolkit and Information Sheets: www.areyouok.org.nz

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse: www.nzfvc.org.nz

Women’s Refuge

Shine New Zealand

Family Works: www.familyworks.org.nz

Social transformation

The Just Life: Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly - www.thejustlife.org