What can we do?

The Church is called to be an agent of change in our communities, and in this booklet are resources to help you take action against child poverty and family violence, including a range of suggestions about what we can do as individuals and congregations.

Your local church is a community that models the kingdom and family of God. Together, we have resources that can be used to bless others and help build a community that cares.

For practical ideas on how you and your church can get involved in making a meaningful difference for those living with child poverty or family violence, please have a look at the “What can I do?” and "what can my church do?" sections of each study, which include ideas for getting involved like these:

  • Get to know your local community of children and families, and understand what their needs are
  • Find out how you can support a local low-decile school with a breakfast club, garden project, or whatever else they need
  • Offer free budgeting, job skills or parenting courses
  • Buy extra items with your groceries and drop them at your local foodbank
  • Having a clean out? Donate useable household items or clothes to an organisation that can distribute them to underprivileged families
  • Partner with schools and other community groups that are working to prevent violence
  • Get to know the agencies in your area, such as Women’s Refuge, and build relationships with people who work there.
  • Get involved in the PCANZ White Ribbon campaigns.
  • See the PCANZ website 'Family Violence" information page 

An important part of the solution for increasing equality and safety for New Zealand children and families are Government policies and legislation in the areas of employment, welfare, education, income and housing. The booklet also examines these issues.

    To find out more, view or download Justice & Action